Educational Places to Visit

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Educational Uses of Second Life:
from the Virtual Worlds and Second Life wiki:

Some selections:

Campus Second Life: /Campus/153/144/28
Second Life Library 2.0: /Info%20Island/67/70/33
New Media Consortium (NMC) Campus: /NMC%20Campus/138/225/43
Spaceflight Museum: /Spaceport%20Alpha/48/78/25
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Virtual Island: /Meteora/177/161/27
The Heart Murmur Sim: /Waterhead/126/47/31
UC Davis' Virtual Hallucinations - /sedig/27/45/22/
The Island of Svarga: /Svarga/7/124/22

Some universities:

Bowling Green State University - /Bowling%20Green%20State/113 /171/
Drexel University - /Drexel/
Harvard University - /Berkman/105/74/35
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities - /MNSCU/128/128/0
Montclair State University - /Montclair%20State%20CHSS/128 /128/0
Northern Illinois University - /Glidden/144/176/33
Ohio University - /ohio%20university/20/36/24/
Pennsylvania State University - /istania
San Diego State University - /Meadowbrook/244/59/34
Stanford University - /Esperance/66/136/31
University of Cincinnati - /EduIsland/173/198/22/
University of Texas Dallas - /UTD%20SOM/141/70/22/ & external link: /UTD%20ArtTech%20Island/139/43 /90/
Vassar College - /vassar/109/114/27