Escape From The Bar

prepared by Kyle Mawer
Senior interactive game speaking/ reading

An interactive adventure game set in modern day hong kong. Point and click game where you need to find hidden objects to solve the puzzle.

Setting up
Ideally this would be done with one student to a computer but failing this then two students/ one computer. Give them a copy of the gap fill.

How to play
Tell the students that they have the instructions to solve the mystery. They need to read them and follow the instructions and fill in the missing vocabulary as they complete each one.

In the class tell the students that they are not allowed to read any of the words in the spaces. They can only describe them. Tell them that you haven’t got the answer to one of the spaces. You read out the sentence but say ‘hmmm’, for each space.
e.g. Click on bottle with the hmm” label on the bar table to get glass.
Possible clues could be. “It’s a colour. Grass is this colour. The ‘go’ light on a traffic light is this colour.”
Ask students if they have any spaces they haven’t filled. They read them out and anyone who has the answer gives them clues. If no-one has the answer you give them clues.


Click on bottle with the green label on the bar table to get glass
Click on the ice blending machine
Click on the cocktail mixer on the bar table
Take the white cloth underneath a bottle on the right of the cocktail mixer
The mobile is beside the wine rack
The coaster is on the long table facing the night view. Click about item on the coaster to get URL.
The wine opener is on the end of the long table.
A special wine and a briefcase is hiding at the right bottom corner of the locked cabinet.
Click on the displayed wine behind the bar counter on the left to get Habane Club Rum.
Go to left side of bar counter and click on the black fridge and use ice pick to get ice.
Click below the locked cabinet to get the lighter
Click about item on lighter and click lighter twice to get ring.
Click about item on ice blender and put lime juice, Habane Club Rum, lime juice and Rum again to make double frozen daiquiri. Click and it says “makes me want to read one of papa’s books.”
Go read the papa book on the long table and get key.
Use key on locked cabinet and get box.
Read the diary and use the year in the diary to open briefcase: 1972
Go to the 3rd chair counting from right at the long table then zoom in and use card on the window to get four numbers: 1952
Use card and coaster on mobile.
There are four drinks and each drink has different endings.
Check the ice cube, get second ring.
Go to the table near the locked door and use ice pick to click on the centre of the screen.
Put the empty glass on the white spot and click on the glass, you’ll see a shadow.
Click about items on the wine opener to get 3rd ring
Use cloth on the 3rd ring
Open the box with combination 9999
Get key and open the door