List of Games

This is a list of specific games that are referred to in this wiki:

Here is a list of sites that offer various online games: List of Games Websites


- A -


Anonyms Matching Game

- B -

Big Bunny - not really a game, a flash cartoon

- C -

Can you spot the ghost

- D -

D-Film - Moviemaker
Dollmaker Site

- E-

Escape from the Bar

the ESP Game - Picture description game played on the web with other online players. Requires (free) registration. This game is also 'helping to label pictures on the Web'.

- F -

Fashion Show
Fat Pie
Find The Mouse
Flash Animations for the English Class
Funbrain - primary/junior kids games

- G -

The Goat in the Grey Fedora
Go4English - various games
Ghost Crossing
Grow 2
Grow 3

- H -

Hapland 2
Hapland 3
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

- I -

Il Destino car game

- K -

- K -

- L -

- M -

Make a Pizza

Mystery of Time and Space - Very popular online graphic adventure game. Solve puzzles of varying difficulty to escape out of rooms and progress to the next level. Lesson Plan & Notes here: MOTAS - Mystery of Time and Space

Museum Games

My Pop Studio - A great site for young teenagers (especially girls) - the section on Music is particularlyly engaging.

- N -


- O -

One Click Room Maker

Online Web Stories for Learning

- P -

Pharoah's Tomb - A point and click game where you have to solve various problems to progress through the pharoah's tomb and get to the treasure.


- Q -

- R -

Runescape - a MMOG tutorial.

- S -



Second Life - Not really a MMOG, more a virtual world for adults, where virtually all content is created by users. Often referred to as a MUVE (Multi-User Virtual Environment)

The Sims - A life simulation game involving house-building, etc.
The Sims2 - Similar to the Sims, but with more detail.
Sleuth - open-ended detective game.
Starhip Titanic
Superhero generator - Online programme that allows you to design your own superhero.

- T -

Text Twist - a very addictive boggle-like word game. Guess the 6 letter word to get an extra round and bonus points.

There - another MUVE (Multi-User Virtual Environment)

- U -

- V -

- W -


World of Warcraft - the most popular of all MMOGs, set in a fantasy world not disimilar to Lord of the Rings.

- X -

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