List of Games Websites

This is a list of websites that offer a variety of games:

A list of specific games can be found here

EFL/ESL Games Sites:

Educational Game Sites:

Educational Web Adventures : Roleplays, Simulations, Creative Play, Puzzles and Mysteries, and more Free Game Links

Fun Brain: Many sources to choose from

Teacher Tools: Games and Puzzles

Show me: Games from the UK's museums and galleries.

Other Games Sites:

Real Arcade: puzzle, word and action games to download.

" WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SANDIEGO?": Integration of the game into a lesson.

Possible general questions:

· Do you play games with the computer?
· Which ones do you prefer?
· What’s your favourite game? Why?
· Do you have to solve a mystery when you play that game?/ find a criminal?/ find something that has been stolen? What else?

  • Review of vocabulary connected with law/theft/crime by providing a list of words that students will look up in groups in an online dictionary and will later on report to the class.

  • When the students get to the Computer room the best thing to do is to allow a 10’ dummy run of the game so that they get the rules by themselves.
  • Give them a handout and ask them to write down expressions equivalent to:
· Ask them to spot words, phrases and expressions used by the tourists to describe physical traits.
Hair/ Height/ Weight
· Ask them to spot Americanisms.
· Fill in a chart (Place. Tourists. Information obtained?)

General evaluation of tsak performed and of the experience.
Written Task:
Write a report or an account of your case. Remember to have a look at the notes you took while you played the game.