Hapland 3

Instructions / Walkthrough by Kyle Mawer
Listening & reading

Hapland 3 is a complicated stick man adventure game where you have to click on objects to enable your stick man to escape.

Setting up
Pair the students off and sit them two to a computer. Make sure that each pair at a computer has a copy of the instructions. One student sits at the computer whilst the other sits behind them facing the computer with the instructions on their lap.

How to play
The student sitting behind the student on the computer reads the instructions to their partner who guides the stick person through the obstacles. NO speaking L1. Make the pairs swap seats every three minutes.

Give a copy of the instructions to the students to do for homework. (and no they still get grammar homework this is just optional).__


Click on the stickman beside the carrot to make it walk to right and click on the carrot, before he eats it, click the top of the box below to hit the carrot down to the cave and at the same time click the 2 yellow flies before they take away the carrot.
Click the leverman until you see another carrot, click stickman to eat it.
Click on the right side of the box to release a flap
Click leverman again until you see the arrow. Click the other red arrow to face right
Click the arrow above the stickman and the stickman will go down
Activate both the hover pads
Click on the UFO and when it gonna abduct the stickman, click on the right yellow button under the box so that it abduct the rolling stone instead and the landmine exploded and the stickman run into the house and flush the toilet
Click the doorbell, click on the stickman again so that it go up the platform
Click stickman again so that it goes left
Click leverman until you see shield
Click on the switch beside the green arrow and click on leverman
Click the tube to bend upwards
Click on the UFO, when it fly out of the screen, click on the shield and click on the leverman so that the stone will hit the UFO and freezes the pond. (Timing is required)
Click on the shield and click the leverman two more times and this will shoot a rock and a black bomb, bounce off the shield into the basket
Turn on the light above the door and the stickman will go back to the other side
Click the gear on the center of the box and click the left yellow button to launch a wheel to other side of the lake
Click the switch on beside the green arrow again and pull the lever until you see red bomb, click on the bomb
Click the leaves above the crow and spider will come out
Click on the window to drop carrot
Click the spider then at the same time click the crow. Timing is important again, it sequence are done correctly then the crow will shoot down a ladder and drain the lake
Click the switch beside the green arrow again to make leverman go down to the bottom of the lake
Click the top of the right tree to drop fruit destroy the hover pad.
Click on the bell and the mechanic will come down to repair, when he is outside, close the door behind him
When he is at the red arrow, click him will climb up the ladder
Click him again will burn the vine
Click him again he will come down
Click arrow twice to point right
Open the gate between bathroom window and repaired hover pad
Click on the left of the crate in the cave
Click the mechanic to go down the cave
Last part is the hardest, again timing is very important. Click on the mechanic, when the cart just underneath the red blob, click on it and the orange doughnut will drop into the cart, when the cart move to the left cave and just before the opening of cave, press the leverman in the bottom of the lake so that a green doughnut will drop into the cart and release the monster which eventually smash the bottom right cave and reveal a do not press green button.