Monday January 29th - Sunday 4th February

Adapting and integrating games in the curriculum

"And who in time knows whither we may vent the treasure of our tongue, to what strange shores this gain of our best glories shall be sent, 't unknowing Nations with our stores? What worlds in the yet unformed Occident may come refined with the accents that are ours?" (Samuel Daniel)


This week, we will start by looking at games specifically designed for language learning. What makes a good game? Which ones can you recommend? We will also be looking at the games our learners play outside the classroom. How can you take advantage of existing games that your students play at home? We will be looking at ways of integrating games into your teaching situation, and also be examining different types of online games, etc that are available

Synchronous Session: This week, we'll be starting in Second Life (see details below) at 12.00GMT Saturday 4th February , and then this will be followed by our Saturday Round Table discussion at 15.00 GMT.Chat Room here, and the Skypecast number is +990001110008515050, or you can join the Skypecast here
Joining in with Skype Discussion Notes


Google Earth has become a popular application, especially in education. This video looks at ways in which it could be used in the Foreign Language Classroom. It includes some ideas for games using Google Earth:


K.Mawer & G.Stanley: Adapting Online Computer Games for the Classroom
Here are some worksheets relating to the games mentioned in the article: online games worksheets

Listening / Viewing (Presentation):

James Gee - Games are Good for Learning - But not Just Because They are Games


1. Please take time to try out some of the games mentioned in the article (above) and comment upon their suitability / relevance to your teaching situation
2. Comment upon some of the ideas that James Gee mentions in the presentation above - how ais what he says relevant to the language learning context?


Please send your thoughts to our Yahoo Group:

1. What makes a good game?
2. Is it possible to engage our learners with games specifically written for language learning?
3. Is it possible to incorporate (in some way) some of the games our learners play into our currciulum? If so, how?

Second Life


Teaching languages in Second Life. This week, there will be opportunities to attend language classes to see how teachers are currently using Second Life for teaching. It is hoped that English, Esperanto, and perhaps other classes can be observed.

Meeting(s) to be arranged during the week. Watch this space! Confirmed: Saturday 3rd February 12.00 GMT[[|]] Fire Centaur will be presenting his ideas and experience so far of teaching English in Second Life. == ==englishvillage.jpg The English Village is an island in Second Life dedicated for English teachers and students around the globe. On this island, there are several shared classrooms free to use by any teacher wishing to get acquainted with the virtual world. English Village also provides permanent classrooms that can be rented by teachers who wish to take up a more permanent residency This is a great way to work closely with other English educators online. Eventually, English Village aims to have an island filled with Teachers, 24/7 so that any student interested in learning English, can come, find a teacher, and begin study! Fire Centaur: Email for more information (and see further details below, under Activities)


Reading are about to launch a space for language learners in Second Life. You can see/read about an example of the kind of educational games they will be offering by reading this blog entry on the Spanish Kitchen.


Can Second Life or World of Warcraft really be used for meaningful communication in a language learning context? Listen to this conversation , which took place as part of an EFL Bridges World Conversation Club for some opinions and ideas of teachers with different educational and gaming experience.


Come join Fire at English Village, in Second Life Saturday 3rd February 12.00 GMT
Activities include:
  • Short introduction of English Village
  • Learn how to use a Second Life Puppet to moderate meetings
  • Get a FREE Second Life pet
  • Learn how to use a Chalkboard in Second Life
* Learn how to use a white board, and integrate it with powerpoint.
  • Enter a Raffle to win your very own classroom for 3 months at English Village!!
* Get Free membership to English Village, and


If you were able to observe the acticities at English Village, or if you have been able to observe or experience a language class or activity in Second Life, please send your observations & comments to our Yahoo Group.